Source code for girder.utility.model_importer

_modelClasses = {}
_coreModelsRegistered = False

def _registerCoreModels():
    global _coreModelsRegistered
    if _coreModelsRegistered:

    from girder.models import (
        api_key, assetstore, collection, file, folder, group, item, notification,
        setting, token, upload, user)

    ModelImporter.registerModel('api_key', api_key.ApiKey)
    ModelImporter.registerModel('assetstore', assetstore.Assetstore)
    ModelImporter.registerModel('collection', collection.Collection)
    ModelImporter.registerModel('file', file.File)
    ModelImporter.registerModel('folder', folder.Folder)
    ModelImporter.registerModel('group', group.Group)
    ModelImporter.registerModel('item', item.Item)
    ModelImporter.registerModel('notification', notification.Notification)
    ModelImporter.registerModel('setting', setting.Setting)
    ModelImporter.registerModel('token', token.Token)
    ModelImporter.registerModel('upload', upload.Upload)
    ModelImporter.registerModel('user', user.User)

    _coreModelsRegistered = True

[docs]class ModelImporter: """ Any class that wants to have convenient model importing semantics should extend/mixin this class. """
[docs] @staticmethod def model(model, plugin='_core'): """ Call this to get the instance of the specified model. It will be lazy-instantiated. :param model: The name of the model to get. This must have been registered using the :py:meth:`registerModel` method. :type model: string :param plugin: Plugin identifier (if this is a plugin model). :type plugin: str :returns: The instantiated model, which is a singleton. """ if not _coreModelsRegistered and plugin == '_core': _registerCoreModels() if not _modelClasses.get(plugin, {}).get(model): raise Exception('Model "%s.%s" is not registered.' % (plugin, model)) return _modelClasses[plugin][model]()
[docs] @staticmethod def registerModel(model, cls, plugin='_core'): """ Use this method to register a model class to a name. Using this, it can be referenced via the ``model`` method of this class. :param model: The model name. :type model: str :param plugin: Plugin identifier (if this is a plugin model). :type plugin: str :param cls: The model class, should be a subclass of :py:class:`girder.models.model_base.Model`. :type cls: type """ if plugin not in _modelClasses: _modelClasses[plugin] = {} _modelClasses[plugin][model] = cls
@staticmethod def unregisterModel(model, plugin='_core'): del _modelClasses[plugin][model]