In many cases, girder will work with default configuration whether installed via pip or from a source checkout or tarball. That said, the girder config file can be set at the following locations (ordered by precedent):

  1. The path specified by the environment variable GIRDER_CONFIG.
  2. ~/.girder/girder.cfg
  3. /etc/girder.cfg
  4. /path/to/girder/package/conf/girder.local.cfg
  5. /path/to/girder/package/conf/girder.dist.cfg


Much of girder’s ouput is placed into the error or info log file. By default, these logs are stored in ~/.girder/logs. To set the girder log root or error and info logs specifically, set the log_root, error_log_file, and/or info_log_file variables in the logging config group. If log_root is set error and info will be set to error.log and info.log within log_root respectively. The _log_file variables will override that setting and are absolute paths.

Plugin path

When checking out Girder from source (recommended), the plugin directory will be set to the plugins directory by default. If Girder is installed from PyPi (experimental), then the plugin directory can be set in the plugin_directory of the plugins section.