Source code for girder.utility.assetstore_utilities

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from ..constants import AssetstoreType
from ..exceptions import NoAssetstoreAdapter
from .filesystem_assetstore_adapter import FilesystemAssetstoreAdapter
from .gridfs_assetstore_adapter import GridFsAssetstoreAdapter
from .s3_assetstore_adapter import S3AssetstoreAdapter

_assetstoreTable = {
    AssetstoreType.FILESYSTEM: FilesystemAssetstoreAdapter,
    AssetstoreType.GRIDFS: GridFsAssetstoreAdapter,
    AssetstoreType.S3: S3AssetstoreAdapter

[docs]def getAssetstoreAdapter(assetstore, instance=True): """ This is a factory method that will return the appropriate assetstore adapter for the specified assetstore. The returned object will conform to the interface of the AbstractAssetstoreAdapter. :param assetstore: The assetstore document used to instantiate the adapter. :type assetstore: dict :param instance: Whether to return an instance of the adapter or the class. If you are performing validation, set this to False to avoid throwing unwanted exceptions during instantiation. :type instance: bool :returns: An adapter descending from AbstractAssetstoreAdapter """ storeType = assetstore['type'] cls = _assetstoreTable.get(storeType) if cls is None: raise NoAssetstoreAdapter('No AssetstoreAdapter for type: %s.' % storeType) if instance: return cls(assetstore) else: return cls
[docs]def setAssetstoreAdapter(storeType, cls): """ This updates the internal assetstore adapter table with either a new entry, or a modification to an existing entry. Subsequent calls to getAssetstoreAdapter() will return the modified class (or instance thereof), allowing for dynamic updating of assetstore behavior at runtime. :param storeType: The assetstore type to create/modify. :type storeType: enum | any :param cls: The new assetstore adapter class to install in the table. This should be an adapter descending from AbstractAssetstoreAdapter. :type cls: AbstractAssetstoreAdapter """ _assetstoreTable[storeType] = cls
def removeAssetstoreAdapter(storeType): del _assetstoreTable[storeType]
[docs]def fileIndexFields(): """ This will return a set of all required index fields from all of the different assetstore types. """ return list(set( FilesystemAssetstoreAdapter.fileIndexFields() + GridFsAssetstoreAdapter.fileIndexFields() + S3AssetstoreAdapter.fileIndexFields() ))