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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from functools import partial

from girder.exceptions import GirderException
from girder.utility.model_importer import ModelImporter

_allowedSearchMode = {}

[docs]def getSearchModeHandler(mode): """ Get the handler function for a search mode :param mode: A search mode identifier. :type mode: str :returns: A search mode handler function, or None. :rtype: function or None """ return _allowedSearchMode.get(mode)
[docs]def addSearchMode(mode, handler): """ Register a search mode. New searches made for the registered mode will call the handler function. The handler function must take parameters: `query`, `types`, `user`, `level`, `limit`, `offset`, and return the search results. :param mode: A search mode identifier. :type mode: str :param handler: A search mode handler function. :type handler: function """ if _allowedSearchMode.get(mode) is not None: raise GirderException('A search mode %r already exists.' % mode) _allowedSearchMode[mode] = handler
[docs]def removeSearchMode(mode): """ Remove a search mode. This will fail gracefully (returning `False`) if no search mode `mode` was registered. :param mode: A search mode identifier. :type mode: str :returns: Whether the search mode was actually removed. :rtype: bool """ return _allowedSearchMode.pop(mode, None) is not None
def _commonSearchModeHandler(mode, query, types, user, level, limit, offset): """ The common handler for `text` and `prefix` search modes. """ # Avoid circular import from girder.api.v1.resource import allowedSearchTypes method = '%sSearch' % mode results = {} for modelName in types: if modelName not in allowedSearchTypes: continue if '.' in modelName: name, plugin = modelName.rsplit('.', 1) model = ModelImporter.model(name, plugin) else: model = ModelImporter.model(modelName) if model is not None: results[modelName] = [ model.filter(d, user) for d in getattr(model, method)( query=query, user=user, limit=limit, offset=offset, level=level) ] return results # Add dynamically the default search mode addSearchMode('text', partial(_commonSearchModeHandler, mode='text')) addSearchMode('prefix', partial(_commonSearchModeHandler, mode='prefix'))